Workshop: Angel Investment

This workshop is for stakeholders and those interested in building and investing in startup ecosystems in emerging and developing markets.

You will gain insight into the process behind building legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper’s startup ecosystem in both Silicon Valley and around the world.

Fall 2018, Istanbul Uniq Hall Lounge
Time: 9:30 - 12:30

Building and Investing in Startup Ecosystems

Andrew Tang from Draper Dragon Fund and Asra Nadeem from Draper University will show you how to expand your knowledge base with best practices and insights from Silicon Valley.



Join us for an engaging and comprehensive overview of the Silicon Valley ecosystem that has enabled entrepreneurs, future-defining unicorn -and rhino- companies, and the investors that backed them, to create trillions in value and exponentially change the world. Lead by Silicon Valley investors and system-builders, this workshop will give you the insight and knowledge-foundation necessary to replicate similar efforts in your own market.

What You Will Learn

  • Overview: Startup Ecosystems 101 What is the value of a startup ecosystem? Who are the key players and what are the key institutions? How do they interact? How can these relationships be optimized for system level synergy?
  • Case Study: Building A Startup Ecosystem Why was it done? How was it done? What lessons were learned? What best practices have been established? How might one replicate something similar in a different geographic region?
  • Overview: Startup Investing 101 Why invest? What are the different stages of investing? How do you start? How do you form an investment thesis? How do you generate and manage deal flow?
  • Knowledge Deep Dive & Insider Insights: Investing in Early-Stage Startups Dig into the process of both angel investing and early-stage institutional investing. Learn key terminology, foundational skills, and best practices straight from Silicon Valley. What are the right (and often times hard) questions to ask when assessing an investment opportunity? What should your due diligence process include? How do you assess and negotiate cap tables and term sheets? How do you manage your relationships and protect your shares post-investment?

Who Should Attend

Are you...

  • A stakeholder in a startup ecosystem in an emerging and developing market, looking to expand your knowledge base with best practices and insights from Silicon Valley?
  • Looking to build a startup ecosystem?
  • Currently investing in early-stage startups in an emerging and developing market, looking to expand your knowledge base with best practices and insights from Silicon Valley?
  • Looking to begin investing in startups?
  • An entrepreneur seeking insight into the process behind landing an investment?
  • Simply curious about any of the above topics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you.

About the trainers

Andrew Tang is a partner at Draper Dragon Fund and Draper Associates, where he invests in early-stage technology companies and assists with their business development, particularly international market entry strategy and partnerships. He also serves as CEO of Draper University, which is an incubator and entrepreneurship education program located in Silicon Valley.

Andy has over 15 years of operating, research and development, investment banking, and investing experience in the high-tech space. He cofounded Draper Dragon Fund in 2006 to focus on cross-border investing, leading and managing investments in companies such as Verse Payment, Yeepay, Jin Jing Electric Motors, Alto Beam, Vicarious Artificial Intelligence, and Broadbus (MOT). Prior to starting his fund, he was a partner and member of the investment committee at ABB Technologies Ventures and Infineon Ventures, an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston’s technology group in Palo Alto, and a senior engineer and marketing manager at Intel where he was responsible for chip-design and market-enabling for Pentium and Itanium processors.

In his spare time, Andy teaches finance and fundraising classes to student entrepreneurs, and enjoys the adventure of life with his wife and two sons.

Asra Nadeem is the Entrepreneurship Programs Director at Draper University, an incubator and entrepreneurship education program located in Silicon Valley. She primarily works with entrepreneurs and stakeholders to design and implements programs that build and grow global startups tackling the world’s most intractable problems. In the last 2 years alone, these startups have raised $40M in seed funding and have gone to YC, Techstars and 500, amongst other accelerators.

Asra has over 15 years of experience with product and market development for startups in the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia. She was the first female product manager in Pakistan for, led's special projects team to build web infrastructure for government organizations and MNC's in the MENA region and successfully launched the first dating website for Muslims;

She frequently speaks and writes about empowerment through technology and automation and mentors entrepreneurs in emerging markets to enable social change. Asra can be found reading and funding research to build vertical cities or inventing new recipes for world's best hummus.

Workshop: Building and Investing in Startup Ecosystems
by Partner at Draper Dragon Fund, Andrew Tang & Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at Draper University, Asra Nadeem.