Workshop: Five Principles for Building Innovation Ecosystems in Established Companies

This workshop is for innovation leaders within established companies. Innovation is often described as a creative process driven by vision and passion. While this may be true, it is only half the picture. Innovation is also management. The ultimate goal of innovation is to transform creative ideas into sustainably profitable business models.

Fall 2018, Istanbul Uniq Hall Lounge
Time: TBA

Innovate Like
by Dan Toma

Dan will show you how to go beyond the innovation theatre ​to develop an internal ecosystem with core, adjacent and transformational innovation.



This workshop focuses on how leaders can manage innovation by setting the right strategy, making the right investment decisions and asking the right questions at the right time.

From the author of The Corporate Startup, this is part of a series of workshops being held globally. This workshop challenges the myth that innovation is only about creativity and great ideas. Instead, this workshop shows how innovation is the combination of great ideas with sustainably profitable business models. This means that an important part of the innovators job is to take their great idea and systematically search for a profitable business model. This also means that innovation leaders need to develop skills and use the right tools to manage innovators.

What You Will Learn

This workshop is highly interactive and packed with activities and case studies. Be prepared for a fun day of laughter and fast paced learning. You will also leave the workshop with a bunch of tools you can start to deploy straight away. The workshop covers the following topics, ranging from how innovation teams work, how executives can work with their teams to develop a robust innovation strategy:

  • How Innovators Work - This focuses on innovation best practice. How do innovators design business models, identify and test assumptions? How do they pivot and iterate their way to success?
  • The Innovation Journey - In order to manage innovators, we need to understand the innovation lifecycle. What are the key ingredients for creating ideas, testing ideas and scaling ideas?
  • Investment Decisions - Using the innovation lifecycle, how do we make investment decisions in new products and and services? How do we track progress and measure sucess? What are the right questions for each stage of the innovation journey?
  • Innovation Strategy - Innovation strategy is both deliberate and emergent. How do we develop our innovation thesis? What are the key trends in our industry? How do we use innovation to respond to these trends? How do we work to ensure that our company has a balanced portfolio of products and services?
  • Start Tommorow - The world is changing fast and you can't afford to wait. What key steps can you start taking when you get back to work? What is a minimum viable innovation ecosystem?

Who Should Attend

This workshop is about managing and sustaining innovation within established companies. The workshop is mainly targeted at innovation leaders within large and medium-sized organizations, although the insights can be useful for small companies and startups too. If you fall into any of the following categories, then you should strongly consider attending the workshop:

  • A manager tasked with leading an innovation team and wondering how you might do it.
  • A manager running an inovation lab or corporate accelerator.
  • An intrapreneur, innovation manager or product owner looking to apply modern startup methodologies in an established company but facing challenges in terms of where to start and how to do it.
  • A management consultant working with established companies to help them with innovation.

About the Trainer

Dan comes from an entrepreneurial background. He has been involved with technology startups across the world and is an innovation community leader in Europe. In the recent years, he focused more on enterprise innovation management, specifically on the changes large organizations need to make to allow for new ventures to be built in a corporate setting.

He has worked with companies like Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover and Allianz. A big proponent of the ecosystem approach to innovation, Dan has also worked with various government bodies, in Asia and Europe, helping developing national innovation ecosystems and implement national innovation strategies. The work experience gathered from the public and private sector has been translated into various experiential courses that Dan has delivered for universities worldwide.

A workshop not only for innovation leaders within large and medium-sized organizations, but also for small companies and startups that are looking to spark growth through innovation.