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Breaking Boundaries: Meet the Top Startups of 2023

MosMos is a platform that offers a safe and flexible way for customers in Africa to save for high-cost items, such as home appliances, electronics, and construction materials. The platform allows customers to save flexibly towards a future purchase, with no rigid payment schedules, making it an ideal solution for...
Castor App
Castor is a decentralized benefits platform that provides support for informal workers across Latin America who lack access to automated savings, direct deposits, insurance, or liquidity tools. With features such as automated savings and a short-term, no-interest credit line, Castor helps workers generate more financial stability and avoid high-interest loans....
Mike Quinn, the co-founder and CEO of Boost, shares the story of how the company is revolutionizing convenience retail in Africa. Through its Platform-as-a-Service, Boost is enabling over 100 million convenience retailers in the informal economy to restock easily, access working capital and digitize their businesses. By focusing on the...
El Dorado is the peer-to-peer crypto market of Latin America. Offering payments, remittances, savings accounts and on / off ramp exchanges as its core services, powered by open blockchains and a human-centered interface.

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