The Entrepreneur’s Oath

Entrepreneurs need a framework to fallback on when doubts about their startups set in. When things are simply not working as excepted how about reciting this entrepreneurship oath as a guideline to the right course of action.  Sometimes it could just be a comforting tool on why you deserve that entrepreneurs’ badge.Here it goes…

I am an entrepreneur

I keep my word

I am a troublemaker

problem seeker

A solution creator

I don’t ask for permission

I get things done

I apologize when I make mistakes

But I am not Afraid

To make more and better the mistakes

I may become rich and famous

But I promise I will always remember

That the journey is the reward itself

I will never walk this journey alone

I will continue being demanding as long I live

But I was never built anything that nobody wants

I will always put customers first

I will fail and fail again until I succeed

Judge me I don’t care

and I will keep my word

so say we all!

Credit to @AmalDokhan who got unsuspecting startup founders to recite this at Startup Istanbul on 5th October 2015.



─ December 30, 2015