The Startup Event in Asia, Africa and Europe

Istanbul is a magical seal which unites Europe and Asia since the ancient times. Without a doubt, Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place of the world.

20-23 October 2017 At the center of the world, Istanbul Get Tickets

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Startup Application
Steve Blank
If one can learn how to code, speak new languages and do math online today, it is probably possible that she can learn the basics about building a tech startup as well! — Steve Blank
  • Steve Blank
  • Adora Cheung Y Combinator Partner
  • Omar A. Syed Abraaj Capital Managing Director
  • Dave McClure 500 Startups Founding Partner
  • David S. Rose Gust CEO
  • Mike Butcher TechCrunch Editor at Large
  • Michael Seibel Y Combinator Partner
  • Nicolas Brusson BlaBlaCar Co-founder & COO
  • Rahul Sood Microsoft Ventures General Manager
  • Fadi Bishara Blackbox Founder & CEO
  • Allen Taylor Endeavor Managing Director
  • Jason Ball Qualcomm Ventures Investment Director

4 Days Full of Connection and Inspiring

Here is what you can expect from your 4 days at StartupIstanbul


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Demo Day

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Conference Day

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Startups from Earlier Years


Pobuca is SaaS that lets users share a unified address book with co-workers and have access from any device: desktop or mobile.


FigPii is an all-in-one, easy to use, growth hacking platform. is Indonesia's most popular online fundraising and donation platform.


Kostoom is empowering & connecting tailors, designers and fashion entrepreneur with sharing economy concept.


Unites Europe and Asia

Istanbul being the capital of some world’s greatest empires presents an amazing blend of history and modernity. With its key location situated between Europe and Asia, and its 18.000.000 habitants, İstanbul is an important center for many sectors. Today the city is visited each year by millions of travelers who come to catch a glimpse of its ancient city walls, enchanted churches, palaces and mosques, while savoring the delightful tastes of the city’s rich cuisine. İstanbul offers an unforgettable experience with its colorful daily life and dynamic nightlife.

Sponsors & Partners

Important disclosure about early stage investments

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