The Startup Event Connecting East & West

Istanbul is a magical seal which unites East and West since the ancient times. Without a doubt, Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place of the world.

Now tech companies, executives, startups and investors from 65 countries get together in this lovely city.

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Are you ready to challenge up at Startup Istanbul?

Top 100 startups will meet world class mentors, investors, companies and media in 3 days. Exhibition stand, opportunity to access demo day, mentor hours, workshops, boat tour and even maybe chance to be on the main stage as finalist are for just selected startups. Apply now to join!

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Startup Istanbul 2019 Winners

Startup Istanbul 2019 Scaleup Winners

Steve Blank
You know Startup Istanbul, it just feels like one of these great events in the United States… It has wonderful speakers, it has a great mix of entrepreneurs from not only around Turkey but around the entire region. It’s just an incredibly exciting place to be. — Steve Blank
  • Salman T. Jaffrey
    Salman T. Jaffrey Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures Chief Investment Officer
  • Amy Cosper
    Amy Cosper Entrepreneur Magazine Former Editor in Chief
  • Vijay Tirathrai
    Vijay Tirathrai Techstars Hub71 Accelerator Managing Director
  • Khaled Talhouni
    Khaled Talhouni Wamda Managing Partner
  • Ozan Sonmez
    Ozan Sonmez SDG Impact Accelarator Accelerator Program & Network Design Leader
  • Hattan Ahmed
    Hattan Ahmed KAUST Head of KAUST Entrepreneurship Center
  • Bill Kenney
    Bill Kenney Test My Pitch Founder
  • Dave McClure
    Dave McClure 500 Startups Founding Partner
  • Michael Seibel
    Michael Seibel Y Combinator Partner
  • David S. Rose
    David S. Rose Gust CEO
  • Tim Chang
    Tim Chang Mayfield Fund Partner
  • Bernard Huang
    Bernard Huang Clearscope Co-founder
  • Alexander Galitsky
    Alexander Galitsky Almaz Capital Managing Partner
  • Nicole Glaros
    Nicole Glaros Techstars Chief Investment Strategy Officer
  • Sam Mallikarjunan
    Sam Mallikarjunan Head of Marketing
  • Sten Tamkivi
    Sten Tamkivi Topia Chief Product Officer
  • Jason Ball
    Jason Ball GR Capital Partner
  • Derek Andersen
    Derek Andersen Founder & CEO StartupGrind
  • Andrus Oks
    Andrus Oks Tera Ventures Founding Partner
  • Christopher T. Rogers
    Christopher T. Rogers Lumia Capital Partner
  • Mathew Johnson
    Mathew Johnson 500 Startups – Formerly Angel investor – Partner
  • Huw Thomas
    Huw Thomas Chartable Podcast Analytics & Attribution Co-founder & CEO
  • Vivek Boray
    Vivek Boray DB Law Founder / Partner
  • Dave Zohrob
    Dave Zohrob Chartable Co-founder & CEO
  • Rob Moffat
    Rob Moffat Balderton Capital Partner
  • Oliver Holle
    Oliver Holle Speedinvest CEO, Managing Partner
  • Dan Martell
    Dan Martell SaaS Academy Founder
  • Ali Mukhtar
    Ali Mukhtar Fatima Gobi Ventures General Partner
  • Guy Kawasaki
    Guy Kawasaki Canva Chief Evangelist
  • Ben Casnocha
    Ben Casnocha Village Global cofounder and partner
  • Mohan Belani
    Mohan Belani e27 Co-founder and CEO
  • Teruhide Sato
    Teruhide Sato BEENOS and BEENEXT Founder
  • Niko Bonatsos
    Niko Bonatsos General Catalyst Managing director
  • Kent Summers
    Kent Summers
  • Sameer Shariff
    Sameer Shariff Cambly Co-Founder
  • James Tan
    James Tan Quest Ventures Managing Partner
  • Thomas G. Tsao
    Thomas G. Tsao Gobi Partners Co-Founder
  • Marvin Liao
    Marvin Liao Early Stage VC Investor
  • Gerod Carfantan
    Gerod Carfantan Sente Foundry Chief Operating Officer
  • Nikhil Sinha
    Nikhil Sinha GSVlabs CEO
  • Erik Azulay
    Erik Azulay technology commercialization expert

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Full of Connection and Inspiring

Here is what you can expect from Startup Istanbul


Startups pitch and get feedbacks from several mentors.
Demo Day

Demo Day

Selected startups pitch to the investors on a private demo day.


We know 3 days is not enough but still fine to enjoy beautiful Istanbul.
Conference Day

Conference Day

Join the international crowd coming to Istanbul this year and listen to top-tier speakers.

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Unites Europe and Asia

Istanbul being the capital of some world’s greatest empires presents an amazing blend of history and modernity. With its key location situated between Europe and Asia, and its 18.000.000 habitants, Istanbul is an important center for many sectors. Today the city is visited each year by millions of travelers who come to catch a glimpse of its ancient city walls, enchanted churches, palaces and mosques, while savoring the delightful tastes of the city’s rich cuisine. Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience with its colorful daily life and dynamic nightlife.