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Only 10 finalist scaleups will pitch on stage on the big day of Startup Istanbul. Be ready for the questions of the jury of global VCs. We expect scale-ups to be companies that have found product-market fit for their product or service within and showing strong, consistent growth – whether in terms of revenue or customer base.

Our main Criteria:

  • Companies that have yearly revenue is above $1M or,
  • Have raised almost $1M until now
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Be a Scaleup now

Scaleup Istanbul is a division inside Startup Istanbul for growth achieved companies. Only 10 gamechanger scaleup will be on the stage. Scaleups, stage is now yours.
Cenk Soyak
“As a startup, we first got our award in Startup Turkey 3 years ago from the hands of Nevzat Aydın who then became our investor, now we won the Scaleup challenge. Even during the award ceremony of Scaleup Istanbul, there were three investors who approached and said they would like to meet us in the short term. The judges were quite strong, it was actually a privilege for us to meet them. ” — Cenk Soyak Alotech, Winner of Scaleup Istanbul in 2019

What do you get from Scaleup Istanbul

High-level Exposure

High-level Exposure

We gladly share brief executive summaries of 10 Scaleups within startupistanbul.com and also in our newsletters and social media channels. Before you come to Istanbul, you will be known by many investors, companies, and organizations. Your interviews and pitch videos will help you more to expose even after the event.
Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

You will be pitching on stage in front of the judges who are world-class VCs who look for scaleups to invest in. This is not a separate section, this is the main stage and the whole audience will be excited to hear your pitch.


You’ll be invited to Opening Night Cocktail where only speakers, judges, VIP guests are invited which is the best opportunity for 1:1 networking. Boat tour and any other part of the event will provide you new contact to expand your customer base, to look for funding opportunities and reach the new markets.
New Customers

New Customers

New people means new potential customers. You will be able to meet hundreds of tech lovers during 3 days of the event. Global companies’ executives, other scaleups or startups, organizations, media members and so on.
Go Global

Go Global

Startup Istanbul welcomes guests from 65 countries. If you want to make contact from new markets and go global, here is the chance. Listen to the insights about different markets from people who live in.

Watch Startup Istanbul 2019

Watch Scaleup finalists in 2019

Previous Scaleups

Event Highlights

Opening Night Cocktail

Opening Night Cocktail

Private invitation to the opening coctail to meet with speakers, jury members and special guests.
Boat tour

Boat tour

Meeting new people with an amazing view of Istanbul Bosphorus.
Final Pitch

Final Pitch

Showcase on the stage as one of 10 Scaleups and compete to be winner.
Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

The jury will decide the winners right after your pitches. Breathtaking moments start right there.

How to join?

We expect scale-ups to be companies which have found product-market fit for their product or service within and showing strong, consistent growth – whether in terms of revenue or customer base. Our main criteria to apply are: Companies should have over $1M yearly revenue or should have raised $1M until now.

Top 10 Scaleups

  • Apply for Scaleup category
  • Registration upon approval
  • 2 Scaleup tickets for co-founders
  • 3 day full access to all stages
  • Access to reserved lounge area
  • Invite to the Opening Night Cocktail
  • Boat Tour in Bosphorus
  • One-to-one pitching training
  • Introductions with selected investors
  • Access to the investors’ data
  • Online visibility to our network through social media accounts and newsletter mentions.
  • Interview and publish about your company presentation video
  • Pitch on final stage with Jury Q&A session

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