Ozan Sonmez, Amal Dokhan

Information about the conference

Ozan Sonmez, Amal Dokhan

The Art of Pitching

Bill Kenney

Effective Pitching Workshop

Sam Mallikarjunan

How IBM, LEGO, and Pokemon Evolved to Survive the Future

Rina Onur

3 Key Elements VCs Look For While Investing

Kyra Davis, Jake Disrael

Lean Startup Methodology

Jeremiah Gardner

How to use Rapid Experimentation for Validation

Cuneyt Ozdemir, Adora Cheung

Fireside Chat

Yousef M. Hamidaddin

How to go global if you are not in Silicon Valley?

Ozan Sonmez, Yousef M. Hamidaddin, Khaled Talhouni, Sharif El-Badawi, Fares Ghandour


Utku Azman

Things you need to unlearn as entrepreneurs

Bora Kızıl

Why Startups should stop focusing on growth?

Mark Little

Twitter VP Europe

Arjun Arora

Fundraising - how to run a tight early stage fundraising process that gets you done quickly

Betul Genc

How to Choose the Best Workspace for Your Startup

Joshua Burke, Niels van der Linden, Ayşe Sabuncu

Benefits of Social Entrepreneurship

M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu

TOBB Startup Istanbul Opening Speech

Andrew Romans

The future of VC

Chistopher Schroeder, Hanzade Doğan


Sam Mallikarjunan

Agile Strategy for Startups

Christopher Rogers

Partner at Lumia Capital

R. Michael Anderson

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Marcos Eguillor

IE Business School

Onur Bucukoglu

Innovation with Cloud

Ussal Şahbaz

GE Approach to Digital Industrial and Innovation

Casey Fenton

The Unexpected Couchsurfing Story

Elmira Bayrasli

Why you're better than Silicon Valley, but why you have a hard time beating them

Fatos Karahasan, Omar Syed, Ruzgar Barışık, Torsten Kolind

Main Trends Changing the Future of Investment

Bill Kenney, Anil Advani, Kyra Davis, Sam Mallikarjunan

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Silicon Valley Culture

Anil Advani

Why, how and the pros and cons of setting up a startup coming in Silicon Valley

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