Swapcenter launched, how can it be successful?

On 23th of July we have met in Profilo Schiller. was our second startup guest. Onder Eren is the founder of the startup. He have mavikelebek software firm which have already worked with barter firms.  He is computer engineer. He founded two other firms which were bankrupt, so he is expreinced entrepreneur. There are 4 people working with him in project. Takas means swap, barter exchange. Merkez means center, centric, focal, centrical. The aim of the project is shopping without any money based on swap. This is not one-to-one product swap or barter but you collect money unit which enables you to buy any other thing on the site. In my point of view this is the step before money has been invented. We can call “money -1”  . If you have something to sell you list your product here and if someone buys it you have money unit here which will be used for your shopping. This is chicken-egg dilemma. İf there are many products here you may shop easily. If not it is hard to start economy. The income model is based on commissions from successful transactions. Takasmerkezi plans to launch mainly focuses on Europe and US. whatswap etohum meeting

─ July 26, 2008