Exclusive shopping Turkish community: - Tolga H. Tatari - Ahmet Emre Sarı

Tolga H. Tatari (left) & Ahmet E. Sarı (right) at etohum meetup

As European ecommerce luxury shopping community recevied investment of an undisclosed size from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, 3i and Molins Capital Inversión, same business model has been recently launched in Turkey. Last week on 4th of September in our etohum meetup, our guests were co-founders of the firm; Tolga H. Tatari and Ahmet E. Sarı. has been launched few months ago as Akinon Project Development firm’s project. Additionally they have angel investors.  As used in other exclusive shopping clubs, accepts customers only with reccomendation. They sell luxury brands with 50-70% discount. Although they made agreements with many luxury brands in Turkey, there are many difficulties convincing Turkish firms in these kinds of ecommerce models. Turkish internet market is new to shopping online apparel. reached many internet geeks in last months. WOM effect of the project so far is successful. We will follow the project closely.

More photos of meetup

─ September 6, 2008