Thursday 25th of June

When you check the website, you might think it as a t-shirt selling website. However their business model is far from selling t-shirts. Based on a similar business model which has been successful in the international market, they bring the designers together on a shared platform and there appear extraordinary t-shirt designs which you cannot find anywhere else. They do not send all designs to be printed, they choose only those which have received the highest scores from the visitors of the website. Another point where they differ from similar businesses is that the quality of the t-shirt print. The prints are done with mouldings at the plants where brand t-shirts are printed. Thus the colours do not fade after being washed.

We will welcome the founder of this Internet website Mr. Bülent Haksal at the next meeting which will be held at Maçkolik. We will try to find by asking questions why he initiated such a business.

─ June 19, 2009