Wednesday June 10th 2009 at Bİ’E

Companies mostly develop their products/services by using only their own resources and knowledge. Sometimes they might ignore the feedback they receive from their customers. Especially as a common practise, of filling out paper forms in the old economy and analysis of these forms by company managers take very long time as well as being a costly process. One of the biggest benefits of Internet for businesses is that it gives the opportunity for them to communicate with their customers on real time and listen fast to their ideas. These businesses can develop innovative services while listening to the thoughts and ideas of new generation brand users. Companies which are one step ahead can include their customers into these processes.

The founders of create a platform which enables the brands to meet with their customers and listen to innovative suggestions. Ideshot users contribute to the open innovation by giving suggestions for the companies which are members of the system. We will listen to which was created by two young entrepreneurs at the Etohum meeting on June 10th 2009. This Etohum meeting will be held at Bersay Communication Institute.

─ June 2, 2009