T-shirt competition finalized

The t-shirt competition with a main theme “entrepreneurship” which we started on June 7th ended. We’d like to thank to all creative designers who have shown their interest in the competition. We received 40 t-shirt designs. Based on your votes, we decided to print 2 design on a limited number of t-shirts with tasarti.com. The designs of Can Oktay Heper and Mohaç Yücel were sent to be printed from tasarti.com. These t-shirts will be available soon.

Next week, we will auction these t-shirts signed by their own designers on the website Gittigidiyor.com at a value of TL 1 each. After the designers, we will offer the t-shirts signed by Internet pioneers who have been working hard to develop Internet in Turkey for sale. We will donate the money collected via the sales to Turkish Education Foundation (Türk Eğitim Vakfı). The two designs will be printed on a total of 150 t-shirts and the only distribution channel will be Internet sale.
We will organise Etohum weekend meeting at Mynet –İTÜ Teknokent on Saturday July 25th, at this meeting we will print the designs of the all designers competing in the competition on t-shirts at tish-o and give these t-shirts to them a presents. Additionally we will give the t-shirts of the designers who are ranked in the top three. We will announce detailed information about this weekend meeting soon, but would like to remind you in advance, do not be engaged in another activity on Saturday July 25th between 9:00 – 12:00 AM.

We aim to repeat this t-shirt competiton next year in spring and as a result achieve limited number of designs with an Etohum entrepreneurship theme every year. We thought we’d better inform this to the collectors now.

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