40 new startups at Etohum

Restoranrehberiniz.com, established by Erhan Kaya, offers you detailed information on a great number of restaurants in Istanbul. The information includes menus, recommendations from the chiefs, comments from users, maps, polls, food types, opening hours, etc.

Roodbox.com is the project of two undergraduates of the Bilgi University, Faculty of Advertising, Ulaş Akpınar and Osman Özmen. It is a unique seconds game, which shares a certain percentage of the advertising revenue with the viewers of the advertisement.

Mia-posta.com was established by Etel Özsarfati with the “’Life guide for the urban women” motto. The users of the website find each morning an e-mail message in their inbox, which includes daily recommendations on the city and life, written by a sharp-tongued character, Mia.

Zumbara.com is a social change project developed by Ayşegül Güzel. It is defined as a time bank, which enables individuals to use their capacities for helping each other and which employs time instead of money.

Anneysen.com was established by two female entrepreneurs, Pınar Şimşek and Aylin Çakır, who graduated from the Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Business Administration, in 1997. It is a social networking site for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Tvdegordum.com is a platform, which enables the televiewers to obtain information on the brand, model, and points of sale of the products they saw on TV shows or series and to buy them. It was co-founded by Erkin Günay and Canan Özkal.

Wishorb.com was established by Gökhan Çeliker and Emre Ertan, aiming to enable its users to realize their wishes through social media.

Neredenaldin.com was established by Eren Yalçındağ, as a website where the consumers who have made online shopping can write whether they have been satisfied with the e-business site and guide the future shoppers.

Duellog.com was established by Osman F. Küçükerdem, Akın Günel, Harun Şencal, and Afşin Çelik, as a niche social network, which enables young people to socialize through sport competitions.

Karniyarik.com is a vertical search engine enabling its users to find any priced thing they want on Internet. It was established by Siyamed Sınır, Kaan Meralan, and Doğuş Ertemur.

Etkinlink.com is system based on the online promotion and ticket sales for small and medium-sized events organized by individuals or corporations. It was established by Sarp Erdağ and Kemal Taşkın.

Orgalink.net was established by Mert Dağlaroğlu and Irmak Arkman Sosyal, as a content sharing network. It aims to share contents entered by members and editors in many areas, such as Motion Pictures, Music, Books, Video Games, TV Series, Cartoons, and Animations/Manga.

Gezegence.com is a user-shared travel project established by Özhan Yiğer. It aims to provide the travelers with information on countries and locations, as well as history and culture, health and security, climate and special days.

Unisbul.com, “a career website for the undergraduates and fresh graduates,” was established by two university students, Uğur Akkuş and Cemil Erol. It provides companies with the opportunities to put free advertisements, to access quickly to the undergraduate recruits with required qualities, and to make one-to-one contact with the registered undergraduates.

Bideneyim.com was established by Uygur and Batuhan Gümüşlü, as an online social network for the procurement of short-term young employees to various areas such as promotion, event management, fair organization, advertising, etc.

Bebelog.net, established by Kamil Kılıç, is an interactive community site where all information on babies is shared with families and relatives, as from the pregnancy until the fifth year. The firsts, the special days and health status of babies may be shared through photos and audio and video records.

Asker.com was established by Cem and Cenk Duran to provide the ranks and files and their relatives with all necessary information on military service and enable them to send each other free letters and photos.

Belgele.net targets the university students and fresh graduates, and proposes them an affordable and fast remedy for the problem of “certification of information,” which is faced in the recruitment and career progress. Established by Altuğ and Evren Gürkaynak, the system enables the users to take online paid certificate exams and free subject tests, and to print and ship the certificates on demand.

Whispurr.com is a service for micro-messaging and personal social networking via Internet and mobile media. The Internet enterprise was established by Hakan Guzelgoz, Stefano Rocco, Giuseppe Insalaco, Conor Devine, and Kevin Noonan, in Ireland.

HangiUniversite.com was established by Hasan Yaşar and Burak Kılanç. It is an Internet enterprise aiming to introduce and compare universities and their faculties and departments in Turkey, as well as sharing the comments of the students and graduates.

Balerin.com was established by Lütfi Gündüz, as an e-business enterprise focused on a particular market segment, with the aim of being the largest shopping website in the Turkish cosmetics industry. It sells only cosmetic products and offers mainly the most affordable prices on Internet.

YollaYolla.com is an online club with membership system, where users have the opportunity to use, try and experience the products they have a yearning for. It was established by Göktuğ Okan Oğuz and Haldun Uraz Boralılar.

AlisverisRobotu.com is a shopping guide, which helps the users in searching product and price information in online and physical stores, and deciding in the most effective way what and where to purchase. It was established by Ertuğrul Yılmaz and Çağdaş Tatlıcı.

DersVerilir.net aims to bring the tutors and the students or the parents together. It was founded by Burak Tuyan.

Filoline.net is an online platform, which arranges the communication, information flow and trade between the vehicle owners and service and products providers. It was established by two experienced partners, Bertan Özdemir and Burçak Sayınsoy

Grupanya.com was originated from the idea of enabling people to purchase the activities, which they have wanted to do but found it expensive, at such prices that they cannot find anywhere else, when a certain number of participants has been attained. It was established by Can Mustafa Köne, Baran Dilberve, and Onur Yıldırım.

Nurturia.com is a social platform created for families having or expecting a baby. Established by Damla Doğan Altınören and Gökhan Altınören, it makes it possible to record the child-focused memories and to share news about babies or children with relatives and friends.

Doopole.com is an Internet project which enables the users to produce content for the future and to share their plans and activities. Doopole provides its users with the possibility to organize events, propose them to other users and thus generate an income. It was established by Anıl Türetken, Barış Kara, Berat Dağlar, and Muhammed Yıldırım.

Ofansif.com is a “social network” and “social media” site where soccer fans come together and meet all their information and sharing needs related to soccer on a single platform. It was established by Çağatay Kıyıcı, Ogan Güner, and Reha Erbatur.

Bogazharbi.com is a 3D video game project on Dardanelles War. Designed in the First Person Shooter (FPS) category, the game represents the battlefields with the most real-like scene designs, models, and animations. It was created by Ali Murat Sürmen, Berkan Uslu, Burak Çavundurluoğlu, Hasan Alpay Yasin, İlhan Yılmaz, Kadir Duygulu and Ömer Emre Özen.

Dressar.com: Dressar is a project, which enables the customers to try on clothes easily on computer, through video camera. Due to this enterprise, customers can try on the catalogues of dozens of stores without going out and order the products they want to buy via Internet. It was established by two senior students of the Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Computer Engineering, Halil Akın and Mehmet Arıkan.

Sobeee.com is a location-based mobile social sharing and communication platform established by Serhat Sarı and Oğuz Gürler.

Sopido.com is a social shopping website, which profiles products rather than persons, contrary to the social media, and thus gathers the brands and products together in a single medium to which the users can access from anywhere they want. It was established by Murat Kaya, Onur Yüksel, and Ersan Bilik.

Lalaloo.com is a matching project initiated by Aslı Kubilay for professionals over 30 years old and from SEG AB+. The project accepts members only upon recommendation.

Morbant.com is a web 2.0-focused social network for the students of ODTÜ, Boğaziçi University, İTÜ, and Bilkent University. It was established by Ozan Önen.

Nefius.com was established by Fatih Bugan as a “Concept-Centered Data Organization” system. It is an innovative infrastructure, which can be used in many areas where information is processed. It rearranges the Internet content in various ways by subjects and the expectations of the users. It shortens the access time to information. It reinforces the content with new information.

Lorientalis.org is an Internet platform, which aims to encourage individuals to be a part of the environmental issues and create socially responsible and eco-sensitive communities. It was created by Deniz Şen, Ersin Ateş, and Yusuf Avcı.

Doktorium.com enables the pharmaceutical representatives and companies that have enrolled in the system to get appointment from the physicians to whom they want to make presentation about their pharmaceuticals and to be in continuous interactivity with the physicians. The project was created by Atilla Oğuzhan Durgun.

Since 2 projects were not submitted to the etohum advisory board on time, they could not be included in the pivot list and be presented.

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