Gideros Mobile

Gideros is a mobile game development tool. Thanks to Gideros, developers will be able to code their games once and release simultaneously in more than one platform. Gideros enables game developers with no knowledge of advanced technologies such as OpenGL, C++, Objective C to easily and rapidly develop two dimensional games via the “lau” script language. Gideros has an IDE that operates in all main operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Three games that we developed by using Gideros (TimTheTimber, Pictus, Tap Tap Socker) are about to be released (iOS, paid in Application Store). Betikus is a venture that is active in mobile game development. It develops game development tools and mobile games.

Deniz Aslı Soykurum Çetin studied at METU Electrics-Electronics Engineering department during 1994-1999. She worked as a software specialist and team leader for three years at the Tübitak Space Technologies Research Institute Internet Technologies and multimedia group. In 2002 she went to USA and lived in Maryland working at various video processing and 3D application projects. She worked on (mobile) embedded software projects and became a Project Manager at Vestek, the R&D company of the Vestel group of companies. During 2006-2010 she worked as the project manager in various simulation projects in KaTron Defense, Space and Simulation Technologies company in Koç Group. In 2010 she focused on mobile game market and founded her own company. She is a member of PMI® and holds PMP® and REP degrees.

Atılım Çetin: Studied at METU Computer Engineering department during 1996-2001. He worked as a software specialist at Makrosam Software, Tübitak UEKAE and Meteksan System companies. During 2006-2009 he worked as a specialist software engineer, technical group leader and three dimensional software group leader in various simulation projects at KaTron Defense, Space and Simulation Technologies company in Koç Group. Since 2009 he is working as a technical group leader at Huawai. In 2010 he founded Betikus and is the design architect and technical group leader of the Gideros IDE. He is the author of the book entitled Computer Graphics (ISBN: 975 347 104 0) published by Seçkin Yayıncılık. He is also one of the authors of “Three Dimensional Computer Graphics” and “Animation” titles in the Turkish Informatics Encyclopedia.

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