Etohum Investors Club is expanding

Etohum Investors Club which was established in June 2008 will become a Licensed Investors Network in 2013 with the ‘Individual Participation Capital’ regulation that was announced on February 15 Friday, the first day of Startup Turkey.

For 5 years our club has made many investments to ventures selected during the Etohum process with the participation of over 30 investors and it has been opened to the participation of new individual and corporate investors.

Our team evaluates thousands of applications each year and we narrow down these to 40 via interviews. After that this short list presents their projects during a meeting in which only our investors club is present. We provide long term mentoring and training program before these presentations. Projects will present to our club regularly in 2013.

In 2014, the members of our investors club will be able to have access to presentations not only from Turkey but from many other countries. This year we invited hundreds of participants and entrepreneurs to our camp from 18 countries. Our investors had the chance to meet entrepreneurs face to face and evaluate them during the Startup Turkey camp that has been developing for 5 years now.

We want new investor candidates who will help our entrepreneurs to grow in a healthy process to attend Etohum meetings.

─ February 18, 2013