Startup Turkey

We annonuced the Etohum 15 startups during the Entrepreneurship Summit at ITU that we organized together with the Management Engineering Club. Together with the entrepreneurs selected during the almost 1 year long selection process we will head to the Startup Turkey Etohum Camp during February. Entrepreneurs will make presentations during this 3 day event to which many investors will participate in and they will have the opportunity to meet with many people from the sector.

We are organizing the February Etohum camp for the 5th time in Antalya. This organization was named Startup Turkey last year. This organization hosts many guests from abroad and continues to develop every year. We had went to the first Rixos Etohum camp with 80 people. This year we estimate that the number of participants will be about 600.

This organization is open only to entrepreneurs who were selected by Etohum. We invite only those entreprenerus that we have selected over the years. This year we will go to the camp before everyone else with 15 startups that we selected. All the accommodation and expenses of these startups and our selected entrepreneurs are covered by Etohum. In addition, we also support some of the entrepreneurs that we selected over the years and work as Etohum to ensure that all their early stage expenses are met.

The immense interest in Startup Turkey camp this year makes us glad. This organization is open only to invited guests from among the Etohum ecosystem and apart from our Etohum Investors Club and sponsors, only the invited guests pay an entrance fee of 600 EU. This organization and the support of our sponsors ensure that each year 50 free meetings and activities can be organized and that these organizations can be broadcast via internet so that every entrepreneur can gain access. All our other meetings that we organize throughout the year are open to everyone and free.


Confirmed speakers for this year’s Startup Turkey camp

  • Ali Arslan – Undersecretariat of Treasury
  • Hayrettin Demircan – Undersecretariat of Treasury
  • Hakan Ertürk – Undersecretariat of Treasury
  • Rupesh Chatwani – EBRD
  • Yuksel Dibekoğlu – Ilab Ventures
  • Niko Bonatsos – General Catalyst
  • Barış Aksoy – Intel Capital
  • Cem Soysal – Inventram
  • Elmira Bayrasli
  • Emre Sokulluoğlu –
  • Devrim Yaşar – Koding
  • Eren Bali – Udemy
  • Efe Cakarel –
  • Dilawar Syed – Yonja
  • Ali Dağlı – GP Bull Hound
  • Richard MacManus – Readwrite
  • Sina Afra – Markafoni
  • Fatih İşbecer – Pozitron
  • Mevlüt Dinç – Sobee
  • Sidar Şahin – Peak Games
  • Ertuğrul Belen – Etohum Investors Club
  • Pekka Sivonen – appcampus
  • Soner Canko – BKM
  • Mete Güney – Mastercard
  • Kıvanç Onan – Paypal
  • Tamer Özmen – Microsoft
  • Erol Bilecik – Index
  • Omar Christidis – Arabnet
  • Habib Haddad – Wamda
  • Ramez Mohamed – Flat6labs
  • Dr. Abdul Malik Jaber – Menaapps
  • Allen Taylor – Endeavor
  • Miles Kirby – Qualcomm Ventures
  • Mustafa Say – Ilab
  • Ömer Hızıroğlu – Inovent
  • Evren Üçok – Early Bird

Participating Investment Companies

  • General Catalyst,
  • Qualcomm Ventures,
  • Intel Capital,
  • Ilab Ventures,
  • 212,
  • 3TS Capital Partners,
  • Hummingbird Ventures,
  • Earlybird Ventures,
  • EBRD,
  • Simile Venture,
  • Ventech,
  • Inovent,
  • Inventram,
  • Tahincioğlu Holding
  • BIC Angel Investments,
  • String Ventures, ,
  • Eleven Accelerator,
  • Flat6labs,
  • Doğa Girişim,
  • Trpe Capital,
  • SAS Finance,
  • Doğuş Media Group,
  • Aslanoba AS,
  • Bilyoner
  • Keiretsu Forum
  • GBA
  • VoiVoda Ventures
  • Enkuba
  • Girişim Fabrikası

In addition to the entrepreneurs selected via the Etohum selection process, startups that have passed early stage will be able to participate and make presentations. This year we see a high participation profile in addition to increased interest from angel investors. The organization will be broadcast live via Pozitiftv just like previous years. Investors who cannot participate will be able to watch the program live via internet.

─ February 1, 2013