Entrepreneurship Presentations is now in the Sky!

Entrepreneurs will be able to present their presentations through the video system of Turkish Airlines’ as part of collaboration of Etohum and Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines which has the 4th biggest network all around the world with 223 spots in 99 countries brings together entrepreneurs who have completed 6-month-process of Etohum which includes meetings, interviews and trainings, and investors with PLANET video system inside the plane during the flight.

With this project which came true by collaboration of Etohum and Turkish Airlines, entrepreneurs will have chance to announce their businesses and to increase potential of finding new investors who may be interested in their projects. The investors who may make use of potential investing opportunities will have a new channel to gain insight about creative and original startups.

PLANET digital system is used for in-flight entertainment system on international flights on B777, A330, B737-900, A340 and some A321 & B737-800 aircraft. Depending on the type of aircraft, passengers may choose their program either on their touch-screen or by using the remote control device attached to their seat.

To apply ETohum

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