Turkish Tea – Çay

There are many traditions which local people never give up whereever they live. One of them is Turkish tea (çay) which is a must in our breakfast. Tea is good for breakfast, after the lunch, after the dinner. It should be served with a typical thin belly glass.
cay_sarayburnu cay_simit
We even have tea gardens (çay bahçesi) in every region. One of my favorite tea garden is in Istinye, which is along the Bosphorus. You can see the second bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) like a necklace, from that location. There is also one in Dolmabahce, next to the Dolmabahce Palace, which is closer to Taksim. Another favorite one located in Anatolian Side, Cinaralti Tea Garden, is described in another post.

─ July 15, 2014