4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Carlos Conde from Amazon Web  Services will talk about how IT systems are changing. Find out more about the biggest networking event in the region on here.

Cloud computing has been a truly game-changing innovation for all companies. It has changed the way of doing business. Companies who can solve the challenges through cloud solutions are one step ahead because they save both time and money, reduce IT costs and carry the speed to their business. The CRN predicts that by 2014, small businesses will spend almost $100 billion on cloud computing services. Here are some reasons why so many businesses are moving to the cloud:
Greater Agility and Flexibility
Do you need more bandwidth than usual? Cloud computing can meet the demand because of the its vast capacity. This allows companies to respond faster to any business changes. Cloud services can allow companies to become more agile, with employees who work from various locations, not merely in the office. As long as employees have internet access, they can work from anywhere.
Improved Security
Data security is one of the top concerns for companies. It is important to develop a good IT services, becaues one data error can cause a destruction on companies’ reputation and customer base. If you store everything in the cloud, data can still be accessed no matter what happens to a machine.
Reduced Costs
Cloud services require a lower investment and typically much lower overall costs. You don’t need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees. Especially for Small-Medium companies, it is essential to keep the costs on minimum, sourcing IT services online from a third-party provider means there is little need for capital investment.
More Advanced Solutions
Cloud vendors are naturally applied to offer market-leading technologies to customers, otherwise they can lose their users. Also they do the server maintenance – including security update, freeing up their customers’ time and resources for other tasks. All companies can use the same advanced solution whether it has big or small capacity.

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