A New Startup from Guatemala Needs Your Help to Join Startup Istanbul

We got a huge amount of applications from Startups and still getting very surprising news everyday. Here is one of the inspiring ones from Guatemala.

Zynn izynns one of the selected Startups for the mentorship & training program of Startup Istanbul. They focus in interconnected devices and big data analysis services for businesses. It is a cross-platform app that read/write to any database and connects many other devices for data (IoT), and Big Data predictions models for business. They already have some traction in local market. Besides making big business, they will be promoting for women and public schools to be taught programming.

NOW, They have a chance to get investment to grow their business, but there is a problem!

They need a little push!
The problem is the flight cost from Guatemala to Istanbul. The amount is about $2500 per person and they need $5000 for two co-founders of the company, Maria Leal and Javier Ogarrio. For this reason they started a donation campaign on gofundme.com and got their first donation a few days ago.
Let’s help them to get chance to to pitch in front of top tech investors and VC partners from 500 Startups, Microsoft Ventures, Google, Twitter, Facebook, SAP and other big names.
You can donate from here.
Maria Leal
At age of 15, Maria had her first job at a clothes factory. Few years later, she opens her own small business which provided her with the income to pay university to study Marketing and International Commerce. Her business grows to become provider for Walmart. Today handles Zynn business relations and sales operations. She created for Zynn a 100K opportunity in first 6 months during 2014, and lead of 500K for 2015.
Javier Ogarrio
Javier started as a software developer at 13. At 18 got hired as software consultant in Stockholm, Sweden, right after high school in Guatemala. Came back to his hometown to study university but dropped out. Shortly after got recruited in Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist, then Nokia as Technical Strategist for B2B. His focus is mobile and cloud development. Today, he directs the technology strategy for Zynn and created the platform. Currently studying a “Data Scientists” specialization.

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