Istanbul Eats (Part 1): The Best Breakfast Spots

In Istanbul, you can find many kinds of food spots, but we decided to start with Turkish breakfast which is both a meal and an event. Do not miss this experience on your trip to Istanbul.
Here are the some best breakfast spots:
Afyon Kahvaltı Sofrası, Atasehir
It is the place that changed the breakfast sense. There are not many varieties just eggs, cheese platter, cold cuts platter and honey cream. But tastes are awesome and portions are large. The prices are not very cheap, but you can not your voice out because of these flavors. In fact, it was a sales area of delicatessen years ago. Now it is a breakfast heaven.
Van Kahvaltı Evi, Cihangir
Van is one of the most remote city to Istanbul, but its breakfast has conquered this city for a long time. Breakfast is something that’s taken very seriously in Van, when you find a seat in Van Kahvaltı Evi, you’ll see what I mean. Your table will be decked out with various cheeses (including the herbed cheese brought straight from Van), honey and kaymak, cacık (creamy yogurt mixed with herbs and cucumber), murtuga (a creamy non-egg blend), eggs, olives and jam..etc.
Gram, Pera
Gram is a mix of bakery and restaurant with its white stone walls, located in the Pera’s most famous street, Mesrutiyet Caddesi. If you like bakery items on your breakfast dish, you have to visit Gram and taste its deadly brownies, kasar cheese and basil brioches.
Namlı Gurme, Karaköy
If you are on a diet, I have bad news for you. There is a place called Namlı Gurme in Karaköy! It is kind of a gourmet shop and restaurant carrying quality varieties of traditional Turkish food. Tip 1: Shout your order for platters of cheeses, meats, vegetables, eggs, fish, and more at the deli counters. Tip 2: Taste eggplant dolma!
Cafe Firuz, Cihangir
The Café Firuz caters to many needs, whether you want a typical Turkish breakfast plate or a more Western breakfast. Firuz specialises in fresh fruit and preserves. Also its meats and boreks are good.
Hayat Kahvesi, Kuzguncuk
One of Hayat Kahvesi’s biggest assets is its friendly management. The breakfast is good enough to be filled by a cheese plate, an olive plate, honey-kaymak, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. You can also find borek, homemade pastries, a satisfying list of egg dishes. Kuzguncuk is also very beautiful place of Istanbul, it’d hosted many film series over the years.
Gezi Istanbul, Taksim
Gezi Istanbul is one of Istanbul’s oldest patisserie. It offers traditional Turkish breakfast including kasar cheese, white goat cheese, butter, jam, black and green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs. We also advise you to taste the cake with cherry and chocolate. You can also find other flavors such as wraps, soups, risotto, casserole dishes, and pizza.
Molly’s Cafe, Galata
If you’re bored eating Turkish breakfast, Molly’s Cafe is offering American style breakfast with pancakes. Pancakes with real maple syrup and breakfast burritos with real Tabasco sauce is the main reason why you should visit here. The prices are not very expensive and the location is very central.
Kale Cafe, Rumalihisarı
Do you want o make breakfast with a beautiful Bosphorus view? Kale Cafe is the right place. It is located just across the street from the water. You can taste all kind of cheeses, olives, sliced cucumber and tomatoes, jam and kaymak with honey. You’ll also find menemen, eggs with pastırma and borek varieties.

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