Digital Out Of Home Advertising: ZAP!

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Ankara, Turkey based startup, ZAP! is the pilot project of a technology company called INNOLOGY.  ZAP! is a high impact taxi-top digital advertising channel that can play different ads to different target audiences by region and time.
ZAP! screens are mounted on taxi-tops which are extremely mobile by over 450 km/day (in Istanbul). As the taxis cruise all over the city, they play ads which are specifically targeted to the demography gathered at that “region” and “time period”. The ads are charged by “cost per air time model” in which the customers pay hourly rates per air time that the ad is effectively played in the scheduled region and time.
INNOLOGY is a technology startup company which focuses both on software development and electronics. It is founded by three co-founders, whom are electronics engineers. The company’s pilot project is “ZAP!” which is a innovative, web controlled GSM and GPS integrated mobile LED billboards. “ZAP!” Project was elected to be funded by the Turkish government.

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