Ekipa: Create Your Party Team

Ekipa has been selected for the mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. You can see the full list on here.

Ekipa.me, Belgrade, Serbia based startup, connects three friends with other three friends to meet in different local businesses. Ekipa.me is a social platform that helps single people tocreate groups with their friends, search and invite other group of three friends and find local business to meet according to similar interests. They would like to help single and shy people to meet new people by avoiding unpleasant and stressful situations at one to one dating services.
Ekipa is encouraging single people to integrate into the community by inviting their friends in groups and matching with other groups according to similar interests. Matched groups will be able to find different type of local businesses suitable for their meetings. There is social impact that they emphasize: They would like to motivate young people to pay more attention on offline communication, and stop using their cell phones while they are together.

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