%50 Discount from Sendloop to Startup Istanbul Followers

What is Sendloop?

Sendloop is an email marketing and automation platform which allow you to send newsletters and run automated email marketing campaigns easier. Sendloop has two really great things: They are the easiest email marketing service to use and have exceptional customer service.

Sendloop is giving %50 discount to Startup Istanbul followers. If you use STARTUP2014 code in any plan, you’ll get %50 discount for three months.

With Sendloop you can do:
Mail List Management
Create unlimited mail lists, store your contacts with unlimited data fields. Create segments based on data fields
Email Marketing
Create and send beautiful HTML email newsletters. Get the most from your email marketing activities.
Email Marketing Automation
Track SaaS or any other application users in real-time and send the right message at the right time. Increase your conversions.
You can also get email marketing reports and hosted subscribe pages such as Facebook add-ons, WordPress plug-in, subscription forms, and many others.

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