Startup Istanbul & PayPal BluePrint Partnership

We would like to share great news with you. We have agreed on a partnership with Paypal BluePrint Startup Program. Only chosen startups of Startup Istanbul can benefit from this partnership and get:

  • Free PayPal transactions up to $50,000 USD in free fees (ar. 1.5m USD in total payments volume)
  • Free Braintree transactions up to $100,000 USD in total payments volume.
  • Mentorship, workshops and one-on-one time with PayPal employees for startups to get advice on technical and business topics.
  • White-glove support from PayPal’s customer service and from the developer relations team.

What is Startup Blueprint?
Startup Blueprint is a global program that partners with top tier startups, incubators, accelerators and VCs. Startup Blueprint provides innovative startups with tools needed to grow and succeed. Through Blueprint, PayPal is helping and mentoring early stage startups grow their businesses.

─ September 24, 2014