Founder of Dealroom, Yoram Wijngaarde’s Startup Istanbul Talk

Yoram founded in 2013. Before that he worked for 10 years in investment banking, advising media, telco and internet companies. He and his two colleagues created NOAH Advisors (and the NOAH Conference) as an independent tech M&A boutique called. Yoram worked at NOAH from 2009 to 2013. Yoram completed 21 M&A deals with over $10bn in combined value and for example led the sale of to KKR ($500M), the acquisition of Bigpoint by TA/Summit ($350M), and the sale of Softonic to Partners Group (€275M).

Yoram talked about his company and he also mentioned the differences of two choices  (do it yourself and advisor) for fundraising or exit. You can watch the full talk on here:

Yoram Wijngaarde – 30 September 2014 Etohum Startup Istanbul

─ October 20, 2014