Marketing VP of Eventbrite, Marion Gamel’s Startup Istanbul Talk

”Act fast and send the SWAT team”

Marion Gamel

Marion Gamel started her career in Fashion and publishing: After working for various haute-couture houses in Paris, she moved to London and founded the trade magazine for the fashion industry: New Generation in 1996. Marion caught the Internet bug in 2000 and started working in online advertising when she joined AdLink Internet Media as UK Marketing Manager.

In 2003 Marion became a founding member of Google’s European marketing team and became Country Marketing Manager for UK and Ireland. Marion joined Eventbrite as VP of Marketing Europe in May 2012.

Marion talked about how Evenbrite was born and gave some numbers firstly. Then, she gave some tips about launching a new startup and becoming an entrepreneur.  You can watch the full talk here:

Marion Gamel – Startup Istanbul – 30 September 2014

─ October 21, 2014