Mastercard and Etohum Partnership to Support ”Fintech” Startups

MasterCard and Etohum made cooperation to support initiatives in the field of financial technology. Etohum will support the initiatives on financial technologies with MasterCard who apply and selected via website until the 30th of November 2014. Those who are selected also will be evaluated to participate in MasterCard’s global programs.

With the partnership of MasterCard and Etohum, the significant opportunities will be offered to the startups working in the field of financial technology.The selected initiatives will be evaluated according to the criteria such the initiative’s goals, business model, whether they are companies or not and investment potential. Primarily 3-months training will be given about presentation and investor expectations.Then, startups will be pitching to Etohum Investors Club to get an investment.


At the same time selected entrepreneurs get the right to be considered for selection to MasterCards’s Global Incubation Program which supports entrepreneurs who will change the future of business. MasterCard’s Dublin-based, commerce-focused accelerator provides selected startups with dedicated space, mentorship, customized education, and direct access to their network of partners. Upon finishing the programme, startups could be on their way to securing a meaningful pilot with a key customer, have refined their product and business model, and moving towards their Series A.

Under the program, the selected enterprises and entrepreneurs that created them will be invited to the Startup Turkey in February. After the information given in many areas such as work plan, project management and presentation methods,  they will able to receive guidance on the preparation and coaching  to establish the company’s business plans and and web pages.

You can apply from this link.

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