Michael Seibel Main Stage Presentation: How to Startup!

Michael Seibel, the founder of and the partner of Y-Combinator, clarified the issues about Y-Combinator and their investments at Startup Istanbul Conference. Michael also has given great advice and information under various headings such as idea, market, growth, PR..etc.

For fundraising problems Michael mentioned 4 titles:

  1. Are you growing?
  2. Are you generating PR?
  3. Are you building momentum?
  4. Pitch to angels who understands the problem!

Tips: %10 of the companies that Y-Combinator invested have international founders, so they’re not focusing on U.S only. And Michael’s goal is to increase that number. You can apply Y-Combinator via their websites.

For the details you can watch the video on here:

Michael Seibel – YC Partner, Justintv, Twitch cofounder

─ October 10, 2014