Philipp Kandal Main Stage Presentation: Kick Ass from An Emerging Market!

Philipp Kandal is co-founder and CTO of skobbler, one of Europe’s leading mobile and app development companies focusing on location based services. Skobbler is one of the few profitable consumer app providers and has won the Navteq LBS challenge 2009 as the most innovative European LBS start-up and currently has over 2 million users.

Currently, he is most occupied with the expansion of the mobile development teams, further product launches and pushing the international expansion in the US market.

Philipp made a good presentation about how you can use the advantages of the region, tools resources, knowledge and talent availability. He also gave some examples about his company and how they use the best talents in other regions.

You can watch the full presentation on here:

Philipp Kandal

─ October 16, 2014