The ultimate startup marketing tips to follow

Peter Drucker  has said: “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation” and we can easily see how this two elements blend together in the entrepreneurship world. The mission of every startup is to innovate in order to grow and no growth comes easy without good marketing. Even the best marketing strategy cannot systematically sell bad product and the opposite – no good product can be sold successfully without the right marketing strategy.

The key to successful business is a combination of different factors that exist together in perfect symbiosis. In the middle of this perfect coexistence stands the product. Before you put extreme amount of energy and resources in your marketing strategy, make sure that you believe enough in the product that you are marketing.

When back in 2010 Sean Ellis introduced to the world the term “growth hacking”, which is creativity and analytical-thinking oriented marketing technique, created and adjusted to the development of tech startups through growth, everyone was sure that this is the new obsolete approach that startups need to take up. But the truth is that entrepreneurs don’t have to rely exclusively on this marketing technique, because growth hacking is not a replacement of the traditional marketing. Both are not self-exclusive and every startup must take under consideration the well-known marketing tips that deserve appropriate attention.

Here you can find some of the most popular and powerful marketing tips that will help your startup grow.

Market your best customer first

From the very beginning concentrate your marketing strategy on your main target group. This is the best marketing move you can make. You know your tools, use them right to send the specific message that represents your company’s values. Your marketing strategy must attract the attention of the customer and you need to make sure that you are reaching the right people.

Be innovative

The word “innovative” doesn’t have to apply just for your product but for your marketing strategy as well. If certain model had worked for other brands, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. Remember that you need to be unique in your marketing approach in order to be on top and to eliminate the competition.

Keep your strategy up-to-date

Try and learn what is not working, discover what is working and constantly improve it. Your strategy must be up-to-date, to follow trending topics, even to create the trends. If your business is rapidly growing, you can’t rely on the same approach over and over again and expect better results.

Don’t forget to measure the success

Choose the strategy that gives clear answer to the question: How the success will be measured? Even the best marketing strategy is useless if there is no way to determine its success. Be sure that you know how to evaluate the results, so they can become one very useful data.

Get visible

Don’t wait the customers to discover you, get out there and introduce yourself. Bring awareness to your business. Get noticed so the people will know about your existence. Visibility is carrying strong message that you are there and ready to grow.

Customer engagement through feedback

Challenge your customers to share their feedback with you. This approach will make them more engaged. Ask for feedback and you will get the people talk, share and comment. Engaging the customers awakens the feeling that they are important, that their opinion matters which is actually the case.

Use the right social media in the right manner

Know which social media platforms represent your product the best and create the content that will fulfil these platforms’ needs. Communication is everything, so communicate regularly with your followers. Be consistent in your posts. Avoid just posting here and there promotional materials. Your social media presence is important, use the social media strategy wisely.

Take under consideration these useful tips when you create your marketing strategy and you will be able to see and measure significant results for your startup. Be bold in your decisions and your actions will pay back.

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