Vitaly Golomb’s Main Stage Talk at Startup Istanbul

”A Startup is an experiment in search of business model”

Vitaly Golomb

Vitaly M. Golomb is Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is an award-winning designer and startup veteran since the age of 13. Having immigrated from the Soviet Union to Silicon Valley as a child; he was fortunate to get an early start in the center of the technology universe first as a startup intern and then as the youngest employee in the history of Kinko’s.

Vitaly has made a great presentation about startups and new generation entrepreneurs. He also mentioned two important points before thinking to launch a new startup:

  1.  Who is the customer?
  2.  What is the problem?

You can watch the full talk on video here:

Vitaly Golomb – Startup Istanbul – 30 September 2014

─ October 13, 2014