What VCs Really Want? (Learn from Startup Istanbul VCs)

It is hot topic that VCs do not take risk especially in Europe. They ask for early revenue and working product. Why don’t most VCs act like accelerators? Why do VCs invest in ideas? Do accelerators select idea stage startups? What are the selection criteria of VCs and accelerators?

Our panelists have talked about what kind of startups they are looking for and what they really want. You can also get some hints if you plan to get investment from Venture Capital firms.

Moderator: Mike Reiner,
Panelist: Vera Shokina (Partner at Runa Capital), Max Gurvits (Partner at Teres Capital), Anna Degtereva (Happy Farm CEO), Daniel Tomov (Co-Founder at Eleven Startup Accelerator)

Panel: What VC’s Really Want

─ October 16, 2014