Your startup culture really matters

The moment when every startup owner realizes that aiming high is not enough, is the moment when the importance of acting big and strategizing smart becomes a priority. When surviving is not satisfying and the profound planning is what really matters, it is the time to start contemplating about startup culture and specifically the culture of your startup. Entrepreneurs have one advantage – by setting up the business they set up the culture, which is much easier than changing the culture of already existing company.

The startup culture differs from the well-known culture strategies of the traditional businesses. This difference exists and reveals itself in a very obvious way because of the huge distinction between both business models. Startups are one of a kind business ventures that need to create and implement unique organizational standards in order to be original and innovative.

Every startup values different things, even though they are all driven by innovation. In general, the values of a company are the main idea behind the key elements of every business’ culture. You know what your business principles and values are. Use this information to create your own company culture.

Bringing a keg of beer into the office or making some small chat with your employees during the day does not mean that you have great startup culture. The culture concept goes far beyond this and carries stronger message. It is essential to the success of your business. Every entrepreneur must spend the time to work on it. Your startup culture needs to be unique just like your startup.

Establish clear statement about the company’s purpose and main goals, focus on the bigger mission that your startup has, which goes further than the financial interests and profits. Carry clear message of your vision and make it your main signature. Successful entrepreneurs are mainly extraordinary visionaries that manage to put in the core of their startup culture the main principles of their vision.

Develop startup culture with strong hiring standards. Your team is very important and knowing exactly what you are searching for, keeping the bar up and hiring according to your high standards will help you create good, talented and creative team which will be able to deliver top notch results.

Set clear vision when it comes to training and coaching your team. Be the leader that sets examples and is the model to be followed. Take part in the coaching seminars that you organize for your employees. Improving is one of the greatest features of the startup culture.

Adopt some office routines that can help your employees to boost their energy levels. The Friday afternoon meeting, weekly out-of-office coffee gathering, monthly picnic events are just a simple example for effective team building. Routines are great way to motivate the people that you work with and to get to know them better. This is a successful strategy that keeps the team spirit up and brings excitement to what is important.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. It is widely known that the way to boosting one’s creativity is by taking them out of their comfort zone. This model is well implemented in Facebook’s company culture known as one of their monthly staff challenges. Every month the employees can choose different team, to take place in this team and to work together on a project or idea. Putting the people out of their comfort zone and leading them to communication and work with the others is great way to building good teams and happy, creative employee culture.

One of the most popular company cultures is the “Pay-it-forward” culture which motivates entrepreneurs to help, educate and share with the others. Some of the most successful startups have created campaigns to train and educate the young generation. Helping the others brings not only satisfaction but also respect from the startup community.

The reality proves that startup culture is very powerful and often is the key to successful business. Many other traditional organizations can benefit from the extraordinary approaches of the startup community and models. It is definitely one more reason to agree with the claim that the startups are one unique part of the business world.

─ October 31, 2014