3 things that are holding you back from launching your startup

You have this great idea and you believe that it has the potential to become successful business. You feel confident in your skills and knowledge. You have all that it takes to become part of the entrepreneurial world. But there is something that holds you back. You are not the only one. Many others delay the launch of their startups and here you can find the most common reasons for this.

You wait for the perfect moment

Looking for perfection in any startup venture is the reason why we don’t see many successful ideas to be executed. Startup companies are in search for suitable business models. “In search” means that they need to develop and adjust to the market. If you look for perfection in your startup, then you are not completely embracing the purpose of it. Save your ideals for later and just start from where you are now.

You are afraid from failure

To start a business venture of any kind and scale, you need to be ready to risk. Look at the possibility of failure as a potential source of experience and knowledge. The failure by itself is not that scary, what is scarier is the fear of it. In order to overcome this barrier you need to ask yourself what is more important: not to fail or not to try.

You don’t know where to start from

Every beginning looks unclear. Look at the whole picture like it is a puzzle with unknown count of pieces. Start from the place that looks readable to you and soon you will find the way to add the rest of the pieces to your beginning look. Once you start you will be able to see the big picture easily and clearly.

To build something big, you need to start from somewhere. You need to create your own beginning. Start with what you have, leave the perfection for later, turn the fear of failure into motivational force and you will be able to begin your startup journey, feeling more confident and prepared.

─ November 13, 2014