Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #4

Startups around the world is Sunday column series created with the ambition to unite the entrepreneurial community around the world by introducing to the audience different startups on weekly basis. The purpose of this column is to improve our knowledge of what is being created by entrepreneurs around the world, to expand our network, to get informed and hopefully inspired.

This week we will take a look at three successful fashion e-commerce startups from Europe, which deserve the right amount of attention. There are many popular fashion startups from the UK, France and Germany, but in our virtual startup close-up we will visit Lithuania, Poland and Denmark.

Vinted (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Founded: 2008


Vinted is online second-hand, peer-to-peer marketplace where people can meet, chat and swap or sell their clothes, shoes, accessories. It has over 3 million members who can communicate directly which ingratiate user to feel like a part of a strong community. Vinted is available not only in Lithuania, but also in Chez Republic, Poland, Austria, France, Germany, UK and USA. Vinted is now the highest-valued startup in the Baltics.

Showroom (Warsaw, Poland)

Founded: 2012


Showroom is online marketplace which gives the opportunity independent brands and designers to meet with their customers. The products are presented straight from the designers and are listed after they have been approved from the experienced Showroom team. In November 2012, Burda International, the publisher behind ELLE and InStyle magazines, has acquired 25% stock from the Polish startup.

Miinto (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Founded: 2009


Miinto is the biggest online fashion retailer in the Scandinavian region. Miinto works with over 2000 independent fashion shops, provides variety of items and all the payments are done through the website. Miinto provides services not only in Denmark, but also in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain. In August 2012 Miinto secured $6 million series A funding.

Expect more startup presentations next Sunday. If you wish to see specific company that you are fascinated by on our list or simply you want to introduce your own startup to the world, do not hesitate to post your suggestion in the comment section.

─ November 23, 2014