The three questions entrepreneurs are tired of hearing

Entrepreneurship is more or less a state of mind and not every person completely understands the uniqueness of the experience and the devotion to building a business. As much as we talk about the importance of startups as one highly creative part of the business world, that much people become more and more interested in the personality of entrepreneurs.

People have major concerns when it comes to starting a business and sometimes even our closest ones don’t understand the complete devotion to the idea of creating a company. There are many things that entrepreneurs are tired of hearing, but here I will emphasize on three of the most common questions that they have to answer very, very often.

“Are you sure you will succeed?”

There is no right formula which guarantees success and this statement is relevant in every aspect of our lives. Success can be defined in many different ways and people often have distinct definition of it. As we know, failure is a great source of experience and for entrepreneurs it is more important to try and fail than never to try. If we act only when we are sure that we will succeed, then probably so many great achievements would have never been accomplished. Entrepreneurs are really tired of hearing how questionable their success is and this question really shouldn’t be among the things they hear very often.

“Is it the right time to launch a business?”

There is always something that would stop us on our way to turning an idea into company. As we know, entrepreneurs are not ordinary people who are afraid of taking risks. Time will never be perfect for anything if we just wait for the “magic” moment to come. When you have clear vision of the reality and understand the needs of the market, you are ready to begin your way to entrepreneurial success. Remember that you cannot control the wind but you can always adjust to it or as Larry Pardey has said: “Go small, go simple, go now.”

“Why are you always working?”

Building a company from scratch is more than just time consuming, it needs complete devotion and the right amount of attention. Entrepreneurs often work on their time management plan in early stages of their startup venture and they know how to prioritize their tasks. It is fact that sometimes the work hours of an entrepreneur extend far beyond the regular 9 to 5 working schedule of everyone else, but this is a challenge that has to be taken. Of course, once you start your business venture you will not be able to take long weekends off as often as before or to attend every meeting of your friends. It is understandable that your lifestyle will change and it has to be clear for your friends and family too. Entrepreneurs are not always working, because for them their startup is more than a job; it is dedication, it is motivation, it is the passion that needs to be followed and the idea that will be turned into successful business.

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