Why do you need a mentor?

Mentors are experienced and trusted people who can guide and advise a person through the challenges of the business world. First time entrepreneurs especially can benefit from having a mentor and they should consider finding the right person who can help them become better leaders and build successful businesses.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton

Here you can find the four most important things that you can gain from having a mentor.


Mentors are often people who have achieved a lot in their careers and have proven themselves in the business world. The experience which they have gained through the years makes them extraordinary source of wisdom and reliable advices.


Mentors are the people who will guide you through your startup venture and will show you many opportunities in places which you haven’t thought they can occur. You mentor is most likely to introduce you to the opportunities, show you unexpected ways to embrace these opportunity and give you courage to do so.

Connections and networking

Your mentor is a bridge between you and many other people which you could not be able to reach otherwise. They will introduce you to important people who you need to know on your way to raising funding and entering specific market. Networking is very important for your startup and with the right mentor you will be able to expand your network by connecting with many people and attending important events.


The moral support from a mentor is priceless. The entrepreneurial world puts many startup owners in difficult positions which can affect their motivation and lead to lack of enthusiasm. Your mentor is the person who can help you step back on your feet, inspire you and help you to start believing in yourself again.

─ November 28, 2014