5 project management tools for entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs have very busy schedules filled with endless management tasks which take a lot of time to be completed especially when the team is located is various locations. We all know that many startups work with freelancers and the monitoring of their work happens to be very difficult. Entrepreneurs often are absent from the office – attending meetings, networking events, conferences and so on – which increases even more the need of good management tool. But there is no need to worry, there are plenty of very useful project management tools for entrepreneurs and here you will find five of them.

Asana – Team work without emails

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools. This management tool is free for up to 15 users which is perfect fit for small companies with small number of employees. There is, of course, an option to add more than 15 users, but then the service is no longer free. Asana has great layout which emphasizes the simplicity of the tool. All team members are able to follow their own tasks, to know what is next on their schedule, to communicate with others and to follow what the other team members are working on at the same time. Users are able to update assignments, even to create sub-tasks in already created bigger projects. All this information is just one click away and there is no need for endless e-mail forwarding.


Podio – There’s a better way to work

Podio is a great tool for entrepreneurs to get organized and to collaborate better with their team members. With Podio Apps everyone, even those who lack tech and IT skills, can create the perfect app for their needs according to their project’s specifics. It has many useful features for every project’s needs – file sharing, commenting, task management and many more. The users are able to visualize their work by using charts, tables or dynamic card boards. It has never been easier to follow the progress of your projects and to create and access reports of your work.

Podio is free for up to five team members. For bigger teams, there is a price of $9 per user per month.



This is very rich in features project management tool which will help entrepreneurs with everything they need to make every project a successful one. Besides the great features like Discussion groups, Notes, To-Do’s, Gantt Charts and Calendars, there are also advanced features which include Chat, Casper mode, Security and personalization features and many other cool stuff to help your team work better.


Wrike – Where work gets done

This project management tool is the best choice for entrepreneurs who want to integrate many apps to their project management software. Excel, Word, Google Drive, Dropbox – Wrike pretty much integrates with everything. Entrepreneurs are able to monitor the work in their startup in many different levels – from HR through Accounting to Marketing. With Wrike’s iOS and Android apps even on the go the entrepreneurs can stay synced with the latest updates of their projects.



Bring your team together by using this project management app. It is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Web. Hall is a great app for group or private chats and for creating groups with people in or out of the company. It is perfect for startups who work with in-office teams and freelancers on the same projects.


─ December 29, 2014