5 tools to build an app prototype for you startup

Entrepreneurs must take advantage of the mobile app power and launch their startup’s app as soon as possible. Through your customers’ mobile devices you are able to connect easily with them, to expand your customer network and showcase your product and services. Most of the startup owners believe that launching an app is extremely expensive, but they should know that the investment pays off.

Why do you need an app prototype? As all prototypes, creating this app prototype will secure you customer feedback and will help you understand better the requirements and preferences of the users. Building a prototype is very popular among entrepreneurs because it builds better relationship between the developers and their clients.

Here you can find 5 tools which can help you build an app prototype for your business without any specific coding skills.

InVision – Design Better Experiences for Web & Mobile

With this tool you are able to quickly design your prototype, make it complete and ready to attract feedback from the users by allowing them to leave their comments on the design.


Justinmind – Prototype Faster. Communicate Better.

Justinmind is a great tool which allows you to create your fully functional prototypes. You are able to create interactions and even animation without worrying about the lack of coding skills. They offer 500+ web and mobile widgets and the ability to test your prototype on all type of devices.


Proto.io – Silly-fast Prototyping

Create your interactive prototype, which will look exactly how you want your app to look, for any device with no coding required.


Codiqa – Build jQuery Mobile apps, the easy way

Codiqa is useful, simple and easy to use app builder for cross-platform HTML5 websites and mobile apps.



With fluid you are able to design your application by using 3500 mobile, tablet, desktop or wearable widgets, to test your prototype and easily share it with your customers and users.


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