businessbooster The Competition 2015 will be held in Ankara

This year, European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) will organize the first businessbooster The Competition event in Turkey, with cooperation of Bilkent University Operational Research (OR) Club. The event will feature the entrepreneurial ideas and give them a chance to develop.

Finals of businessbooster The Competition, with aiming startups in the field of industrial engineering and management, will be held in Bilkent University, Ankara.

The event is organized by LG Ankara-Bilkent and Bilkent University OR Club, which is one of university network partners of Etohum.

Entrepreneurs will find a chance to develop their ideas, to hear suggestions from mentors and professionals, and have an opportunity to get investment from AI’s and VC’s.

The event will be organized on March 24-29’th, in Ankara. Further information is available in ESTIEM official website.

─ December 22, 2014