How to become better public speaker

Entrepreneurs know the importance of networking and are aware of the positive impact which their presence at important conferences and events can have on their startups. Entrepreneurs must master the art of public speaking in order to present their projects and businesses in front of big audiences in the most effective possible way.

Public speaking is a skill and as any other skill it can be practiced, learned and eventually mastered. Be ready to inform, influence and even entertain your audience and you are one step closer to becoming the master of public speaking.

There are some things you can do to become better public speaker and here you will find very useful tips to help you develop this essential entrepreneurial skill.

Plan and practice

Create detailed plan of your presentation and spend sufficient amount of time to practice the performance of your speech. Plan according to your time on stage and work on every aspect of your speech – from the information you have to present through your body language to the closing line.

Learn from others but be yourself

Watch the speeches of other people in different events, learn from their mistakes and follow their good examples. If you have already attended several events and have spoken in front of big audience, but still you feel the need to improve, watch the records of your previous presentations, see what went wrong, what was good, what you would like to improve and work on that. Learn from others, but be the best version of yourself and you will never be disappointed from your performance.

Be confident

We all know that public speaking makes people nervous, some more than others, but we don’t have to underestimate its power. Be confident and feel positive about your speech. Expect to give 100% from yourself. Remember that you are responsible only for the things you can control and let the rest just happen. Approach this as a challenge which you need to accomplish on your way to becoming successful entrepreneur.

Establish credibility

Speak about the things you know best. It is important to be prepared to answer questions from the audience and to be able to provide sufficient answers to these questions. Focus on your expertise and make sure that you present yourself as a professional in what you do, not as an amateur in your niche.

Excite the audience

Prepare to be inspiring, to excite the audience and to win their attention. Once you make the people listen, you will feel more confident in your speech and you will be able to present your ideas in a better way, in a way which will be remembered.

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