How to turn problems into opportunities

Entrepreneurs find it frustrating when the present moments and existing situations mismatch their desirable and planned expectations of the development process for their startup. Problems seem to occur more often than expected and this easily discourages even the most motivated and passionate entrepreneur.

When entrepreneurs work hard but still face annoying small or big obstacles, there is just one thing that they can do – accept the problem and try to transform it into opportunity.

We don’t control everything around us and there is no need to feel guilty when unexpected and unwanted situations appear to blur our way to success. The business world is risky place where the most unpredictable and uncomfortable situations turn out to be what you really needed in order to move forward to success.

Accept the situation

The art of turning a problem into an opportunity is a skill which can be learned by mind practice, clear thinking, by developing focus and acceptance.

Look at the things you can change, calculate the odds and analyze your chances. Accept the situation the way it is without exaggerating it and making the problem bigger than it actually is. Don’t try to fix the problem, try to transform it and turn it into a source of new possibilities.

Concentrate on the solution, not the problem

Concentrate on the possible outcomes of the specific situation, not on the problem by itself. The problem has nothing to give you, but the way of finding solution for it can open many doors of possibilities in front of you.

Problems put us in places which we would never get in if not for the unexpected outcomes. This challenge is the best way to see ourselves completely out of the comfort zone and to test our ability to take the unexpected and turn it into something desirable, in something of a great value for us.

Evaluate your options

See what you can do. Create a list with all the possible moves you can do and choose one or more of these options. It is important to stay active and to create an action plan. Whatever the situation is, it is important to be able to move on and continue your journey.


─ December 24, 2014