Key points of choosing an office space for your startup

When earlier this year Yishan Wong resigned as CEO of Reddit due to disagreement over the choice office space, it seemed like a big surprise, but surely it proved the importance of the office space for any company. When we talk about startups, it is important to choose wisely from the very beginning, even though it seems difficult to do so from the first shot.

Try to make the most suitable decision when it comes to choosing your startup’s “right place and space”, even if it takes a little longer to find that desired office.

As an entrepreneur on a tight budget it seems impossible to spend extra money on real estate agent, but finding professional assıstance can save you a lot of time. So here comes the dilemma and the choice between what to spare – time or money. It depends on what you have more at the moment, but don’t forget that time is money and choose wisely. Real estate agents have access to the hottest spots in town and you can rely on their services along your search.

If you decide not to spend money on professional services, which can be understandable, you can try to find the dream office space by yourself. Arm yourself with patience and don’t settle with something which doesn’t meet your expectations.

The location of your business is key point when it comes to choosing good office space for your startup. Before you decide where you want to be located ask yourself why you want to be there. Make sure that the location you choose meets your startup’s needs. Never forget that the location determines the price.  Make your decisions according to your budget and the amount you are willing to pay for the office space.

Renting a place requires signing a lease. Now, the tricky part is the length of the contract. Many landlords offer their places for long term and before you sign your contract make sure that you will be able to meet the clauses of the lease. Startup owners often can’t predict where they will be after 2 or 5 years and this can be overwhelming when choosing the office space.

As your business is a growing one and you can just slightly predict how much you are expecting your staff to expand, it is difficult to choose your office in a way that will be comfortable for all your employees’ needs. Choosing very big space or, the opposite, very small one can harm your work process and the performance of your staff. Try to find the golden middle by approximate calculation of the length of your lease and the expectations of your startup growth by this time.

The layout of the space is a key moment for your startup’s future. Entrepreneurs often rely on modern and unique company cultures and it is important the office to allow you and your team to work in an adequate atmosphere. Foresee the needed space for every activity of the office – from the working place, through the meeting room to the kitchen space. Your office must be comfortable for your employees in order to boost their creativity and motivation and, on the other hand, to be presentable for customer visits and future business negotiations.

─ December 2, 2014