This is why you need a co-founder for your startup

There are many things that you should consider before you launch your startup, but choosing should or should not embrace the idea of starting with a co-founder (in some cases even co-founders) is one of the essential decisions you must take.

As we like to check the examples set by successful companies and the choices their founders made, we see that there is no just one way to success, but there are certain similarities. Take a look at the tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Twitter – all of them started with two+ co-founders. It seems that co-founders are important, especially when we talk about venture funded tech startups.

We will talk about why it is good decision to have a co-founder for your startup and here we will have a look over some interesting aspects on the matter.

Same goals

The co-founders have the same interests and as they share everything related to their startup, they will share also the work load and will achieve better time-management performance. You share the same goals with the co-founder and this is what makes you stronger when it comes to achieving the set goals.

Two is better than one

Definitely two heads think better than one and this is great advantage because as a startup owner you need to take important decisions very fast, to monitor your business in every level of its existence and at the same time to work on the improvement of the business.


Any type of partnership is built on trust. The co-founders of the startup have the same interest in making the company successful. It is important to know that there is someone to watch your back and to share the fascinating, but otherwise lonely experience of the entrepreneurship. In a business world, ruled by sharks, it is good to know that there are people you can fully trust.

Team building

Your co-founder and you are the foundation of one stable team and your connection will be the example for all your startup employees. We all know that venture capitalists invest in strong, professional and serious teams. With the right co-founder you are one step closer to winning funding for your business.


The pressure can be unbearable and the stress often takes control over the positive mindset of entrepreneurs. To achieve better balance and concentration in the workplace, having a co-founder is the most secure way to find your focus back and to get back on track.

Choosing to go solo or with a co-founder is a personal decision of the entrepreneur and depends on different factors – from personal qualities to the essence of the industry.

Next Wednesday we will discuss the qualities that you need to look for in a co-founder. What do you think these qualities are?

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