Four Social Media Tools to Save You Time

Entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of staying social in business and they tend to spend sufficient amount of time to create the social media strategy for their startups. Effective social media strategy requires clear plan and efficient implementation of this plan. Staying social can be time consuming, especially when we take under consideration the multitude of channels that your strategy is deliberate to cover.

Social media requires lots of time since most of the work that has to be done is repetitive. Fortunately, there are several tools which you can use in order to save time and still be able to fulfill your social media goals by scheduling and automating these repetitive tasks.


Successful social media campaigns always have something main in common – interesting and engaging visual content. By using Canva’s social media templates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, you can create your next highly-impactful social media campaign for free. Canva is simple drag-and-drop design software that allows the users to customize their social media designs in a few clicks, design social media campaigns without a budget, use professionally created templates or create their own, design for all platforms and share their designs straight to social media.



Aweber is leading e-mail marketing tool which offers everything that you need for successful e-mail channeling of your social media campaign. By creating automated series of e-mails to your subscribers you are able to save great amount of time and still maintain and expand your e-mail list.

aweber is time-saving social media tool for channeling your blog posts by automated sharing of your new posts across all of your social media channels. It doesn’t simply save you time but, by using the analytics dashboard, you are able to reach very useful data which helps you to follow your blog post’s performance.



If this, then that is one very useful tool for your social media marketing. It consists over 4 000 “recipes” which have specific ingredients and you are able to choose from them according to your needs and goals. If the available examples are not exactly what you are searching for, you are able to set your own “recipe” with specific ingredients which satisfy your requirements.


Some Instagram recipes on IFTTT


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