5 Types of People Who Can Destroy Your Business

Entrepreneurs must possess many important skills in order to make better decisions, especially when it comes to the essential steps that can define the future success of the company. Besides the importance of the right hiring techniques and HR skills, it is important for every startup owner to be able to choose also the right advisors, partners and co-founders, other entrepreneurs, who can become part of their close surroundings and even investors, who can decide to have active part in the business decision making process. There are specific skill sets to look for in the others as well as there are some specific personal traits to watch out for.

The people that you surround yourself with can define the advancement of your decision making process and can affect the general success of your startup. How can you understand if you are surrounded by the wrong people? Try to analyze your behavior when you are with certain people and try to find if there is a specific pattern that follows the bad decisions you have made. Are you more likely to take bad decision when you are around specific people? If you see a pattern like this to emerge, better watch out and try to create a distance with the poisonous influencers.

The Constant Complainer

People that always find something to complain about can be very annoying and distracting, especially in dynamic work environment. The “always negative” mentality of those people can poison the enthusiasm of your team members and yourself as well. People that “no matter what happen” see potential disaster are often not willing to take bold decisions, which can be fatal for the startup. Try to avoid being surrounded by constant complainers who kill your mood and creativity with their negativity.

The One Who is Always Right

There are people who hate to admit that they might be wrong and stick with their opinion even when they have the sufficient evidences that are proving them wrong. Arguing with this type of people can be very time consuming, exhausting and, most of the time – pointless. Entrepreneurs need to work with open-minded and flexible people, who are not letting themselves to fall into an Ego fights.

The Lazy One

In every office, there is always a person that somehow manages to look constantly busy but actually never finishes a project on time. The Lazy One is the person who annoys the others by asking for help and by making other team members feel obligated to help them do their job. These people manage to look highly-concentrated all the time but actually they never work hard and take the help of others for granted. The lazy colleagues are bad for the successful team building and we all know how important is to have strong team for the growth of a startup.

The One with the Pink Glasses

Entrepreneurs are always considered as positive thinkers, but what makes a successful person is the ability to see the situation realistically and to make their decisions according to the facts, but from a positive point of view. There are some people who are way too positive and often take disastrous decisions that are heading to nowhere, but they are too busy thinking about the great outcomes and forget to consider the obstacles and the actual execution plans. The people who are naively positive can be poisonous for your startup.

The Distractor

These people tend to focus on the less important part of the business and totally overlook what has to be really done. Distractors are very good at confusing the others by shifting their attention to the less important aspects of the business. They often find something “so urgent” to take care of and drag the attention of all the team members and yours as well to these little things. Distractors are very poisonous people that damage the time management and bother the schedules of every other person in the office.

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