7 tips for getting more done in one day

Entrepreneurs deal with time pressure and procrastination more than they should. It is frustrating to miss deadlines and to feel like you are losing control over your everyday tasks. There are some things which can help you organize your daily schedule better and to get more done during your day.

Get up on time

Waking up on time will help you start your day fresh and without rushing. Becoming more of a morning person can help you stay on top of your schedule and you will manage to accomplish more on everyday basis. There are great apps which can help you to become a morning person and you can see some of them here.


Spend some time every morning to plan your day. This will help you to avoid unnecessary distractions and will make it easier for you to prioritize your tasks for the day. Planning is essential for busy people who always have something important on their agenda. Use a checklist to keep track on your accomplishments for the day. Being able to actually see your progress can motivate you to continue with your work and to save time.

Avoid distractions

We all know how distractive social media can be. If you really want to have things done, better close all social media and concentrate on your work. If you manage the social media for your business, but you still feel that it is very time-consuming, you are able to use some very useful social media tools which will help you save time and get more things done.

Use project management tools

Entrepreneurs are often out of office and spend a lot of their valuable time trying to communicate with their teams in order to contribute and monitor the development of important projects. By using project management tools, you will be able to keep track on the project’s progress and still to follow your schedule.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is not very successful approach when you need to work hard on important projects. It is scientifically proven that we can fully concentrate on just one thing at a time and by switching our focus between many things, we actually lose time. Devote your attention to one specific thing at a time and you will definitely manage to achieve more during your day.

Don’t overcommit

Learn to put in your schedule only the things which you can actually accomplish. Learn to say “No” to all the extra works which keep coming along your way. Prioritize the tasks by their importance and deadline and you will have one more organized schedule and will manage to accomplish more during your day.

Take breaks

Spend some time to relax your mind and to ease up. Taking breaks will help your brain stay sharper and you will feel energetic longer than if you gallop through your schedule. Use some time to relax your eyes, to take a walk or have a healthy snack and you will feel better and ready to accomplish more.

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