Five Essential Networking Tips to Follow

We have talked about the importance of business networking in entrepreneurship and how successful business connections can help your startup’s growth. The attending of networking events and meeting with other entrepreneurs, mentors, speakers, investors and venture capitalists are essential elements for the creation of strong support system for your startup.

There are many ways to improve your networking skills and here will we emphasize on the five ultimate tips to follow, which will help you become better networker.

Always look for somebody new

It is normal to see familiar crowd on most of the events, especially at the local ones. In order to expand your social network you need to try to connect with the people you haven’t met before. Even though it is important to keep the connection alive with the people you already know, you need to focus on meeting new people. Always look for somebody new among the attendees and never miss the chance to introduce yourself.

Make a list

Create a list of people whom you would like to meet. This list will carry your ultimate networking goal set and we all know how important goals are. It is business and the connections are important. Having a list with the top people you would like to meet is a great way to follow your networking connections and expand your network by including the right people.

Always follow up

Every time after a networking event spend some time to follow up with an e-mail or a phone call to remind the people you’ve met of your meeting. It is very successful approach to become memorable for the others. Always, always follow up!

Be prepared

Networking events are great way to meet different people. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to present their businesses in the right matter in front of different audience and in different amount of time. You should be prepared with the right speech for any occasion – when you have just two minutes to grab someone’s attention or when you have been unexpectedly invited for a coffee with potential investor –you must be ready and prepared to present your startup.


Listening is among the most essential skills for entrepreneurs and it wouldn’t make it to the top of the list if it was not really important. Listen what the others have to say in order to improve your communicational skills and really to understand and connect with the person in front of you. By listening to the others, you will have the chance to spot many opportunities. Every person enjoys having a conversation with a good listener and it is a golden opportunity to establish solid connection with the people you are networking with by proving them that you really do care and appreciate what they have to say.

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